New Client Information

If you are a new client at JRE Financial, please fill out our New Client Worksheet to tell us a bit about yourself. Please do not forget to bring a copy of your previous year's tax return along with you to your appointment. We look forward to meeting you!


New Client Extensions

Please use the Form 4868 to mail your tax extension if we are meeting with you after the April 18th deadline. 

1. Print Form 4868

2. Fill out "Part 1" at the bottom of Page 1

3. Mail form to the appropriate address located on Page 4 before April 15, 2018:

Department of the Treasury

Internal Revenue Service Center

Fresno, CA 93888-0045

(for California residents only) 


2314 W. Magnolia Blvd

Burbank, CA 91506


T: (818) 843 - 8033

F: (818) 843 - 3975